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Meet the greenery bush that was a year in the making! I custom-designed this bush for you — it is the ultimate gap-filler, bloom-highlighter, wispy-adder and base-coverer. Plus, it’s in a lovely mix of dark and light greens to really set off your designs. It’s the only greenery bush you will ever need again (unless collecting them brings you joy like it does me, LOL).

I designed this bush with my favorite leaf shapes in mind, each with a different purpose. You’ll find long grass blades for wispiness at the edges, buckler fern for their super-sweet curly tendrils, wired fern fronds in 2 styles to add length and texture, and sweet berry clusters for that little bit of pop.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this bush “only” has 7 stems. Each stem is jam-packed with 8 sliding pieces of greenery – nearly twice what you find in average greenery bushes. This means each stem can be cut in 2 and placed separately in your design, or completely taken apart so you can thread the delightful greenery pieces on to your favorite blooms. No longer will you have to “make due” with the yucky leaves that come on your flower bushes. Thread the stem of a lonely ranunculus bloom with a piece of buckler fern and see what happens.

This greenery will be a real workhorse in your designs whether you prefer to create on evergreen, mesh or grapevines. I am so pleased to share this with you!

Measures 16″ High.

Trusted and Raved about by floral designers!
(I'm pretty sure you will love it too!)
Beautiful greenery bushes
Joann G. on Apr 30, 2020

Exactly as described and fast shipping too! I would definitely recommend.

Mixed Greenery Bush
Karen S. on Apr 02, 2020

One of my favorites! This greenery bush is so realistic looking and the perfect bush to “green” a wreath!