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How to Make a Carrot Door Hanger for Easter

Carrot Door Hanger

Hey there!  Thanks for checking out my video on an easy peasy way to make a carrot door hanger for your Easter decor! Using this technique, you can vary the size, and accent with your favorite greenery. You can use this carrot as a stand-alone swag, or add it to a grapevine wreath for a real showstopper!

Materials List:

  • Tulips of your choosing – My orange tulips came from Michael’s. Make sure to get the full size tulips, and not the miniature size. Buy them when they are on sale if you can! (regular price is $10 per bush, but they are easy to find on sale for 50% off), I’m figuring it will take around 3 bunches. (I will update this write-up when I know exactly how many I ended up using. To be safe, I have already purchased 4 bunches)
  • Paint Stir Stick – You can usually find these in packs for sale at your favorite hardware store, but if you just ask at the paint counter, they will usually give you some for FREE. You will end up using 1 stir stick per carrot.
  • Waterproof Vinyl tape – This is waterproof tape that is typically used in the florist trade. I used this tape from Amazon (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/38QjIX2You can also use Duct Tape cut in to long, thin strips. 
  • Greenery of your choosing –  We are going to use this Plastic Fern Mix Bush for today’s project (this is different greenery than what is pictured above). What I love about this greenery is it is wispy and airy, and kind of feels like it belongs on top of a carrot, LOL.  Realistically, you can use any greenery you have on hand, and perhaps even use Raffia?!
  • Ribbons of your choosing – We are using the following:

Want to see it all come together? Here’s the video replay!

Until next time!

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